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The Out from Under Sober Living program utilizes a strict and comprehensive phase system. Residents matriculate through phases as they adjust to their new sober lifestyle, achieving increased responsibility, self-respect, and independence as they move through the program. All residents enter the program as Phase1 residents and may expect an immersive 12-step experience in their first 30 days at Out from Under. Residents graduate the program after at least six months, by which point they are sponsoring other men and making meaningful contributions to the local recovery community. 

Phase 1

Phase 2

Phase 3

Phase 1 residents establish a 12-step home group that uses "The Big Book" (Alcoholics Anonymous, 1939) as its foundational text. They are encouraged to attend meetings of any fellowship that uses The Big Book.


Residents are expected to obtain a sponsor and maintain daily contact with him.  

They must learn and observe all house rules, policies, and expectations, including curfew, sign-in/sign-out procedures, visitation, and daily chores. Attendance is required at morning meditation, weekly community meetings, and weekly Big Book study. 

No off-site passes are issued to Phase 1 residents. Driving is prohibited during Phase 1. Residents surrender their keys to Out from Under staff upon arrival. Staff and senior residents provide transportation to Phase 1 residents. 

Phase 2 requires residents to have lived on-site for 30 days and complete a fifth step. Residents must be in compliance with all rules and policies (this includes being fully current on rent) in order to advance at any phase of the program.

With the ninth step in-progress and having lived on-site 90 days, residents move to Phase 3. 

Residents remain actively engaged with their home 12-step groups, now taking on additional service opportunities (i.e. chairing meetings, introducing topics). They continue working with their sponsors, and at their sponsors' discretion, begin sponsoring newcomers. 

Phase 3 residents provide leadership to their roommates, welcoming and mentoring newly arrived Phase 1 residents. 

Phase 3 residents are eligible for three 48-hour passes each month. They may drive personal vehicles unattended with staff approval. 

After at least six months living on-site and having worked all twelve steps to some extent, residents graduate from the program with the approval of staff. 

After 30 days on site and having completed a fifth step, residents matriculate to Phase 2.

Phase 2 residents continue daily contact with their sponsors and progress through the 12 steps. They are encouraged to expand their recovery network beyond the residence and engage in service work with their home groups. 

Phase 2 residents may be issued two 48-hour off-site passes per month with staff approval. They may drive personal vehicles at staff discretion; they must be accompanied by staff or at least one other resident for accountability purposes. 

Residents may begin working during Phase 2; however, at Out from Under, recovery is the top priority of every resident. We believe financial, family, and social obligations are secondary to the primary purpose of recovery during this transitional period. 

During Phase 2 residents may use the pool and gym when accompanied by staff or a Phase 3 resident. 

To advance to Phase 3 residents must have lived on site for 90 days and begun the ninth step. 

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